Q. Can you deliver or install?

Yes we can deliver or install in Adelaide or surrounding areas. The charges depend on the distance from our shop, the size of the feature and the access to where you want placement. Average costs are $50.00 to $120.00 for delivery and $80.00 to $250.00 for installation. Delivery is to driveway only. To help keep the cost down you can supply people to help lift. (If I don’t have to pay them I don’t have to charge you.)
Freight can be organised for interstate customers. The pricing is not as bad as you might think. Call for a quote.

Q. Are they hard to install ourselves?

The installation is straight forward and you don’t need to be a DIY guy or gal. Mostly water features are quite heavy, I recommend getting as many friends and family to help as possible. We provide the plumbing looms so you just put it together, plug in the pump, add water and go.

Q. Do water features use much water?

No. The water features have a reservoir that the water draws from to run over the feature and then recycles. You do not need to have water connected to the feature.

Q. Do the water features come with pumps?

Only some of the small water features come with pumps. Most require the pump to be purchased separately. Pump costs are between $30.00 to $110.00.

Q. Does the water feature require much maintenance?

No. Depending on the water feature and where it is placed we recommend that you drain, clean and flush your feature every 8 months to 2 years. There are a variety of treatments available to keep your water clear, algae free, remove sludge and even stop mozzies from laying eggs in your feature. These treatments are only about $15.00 for a 3 month supply.

Q. Can I install a water feature inside?

Yes. Many of our features can be installed indoors. You just need to ensure that you choose a water feature that does not splash. Talk to our friendly staff to workout which features work best for this.

Q. Do I need power at the water feature site?

Most pumps have a 10M cord and any hardware shop has a variety of weather proof power solutions.

Q. Can I use a solar pump?

Solar pumps can be used to power a water feature. They only go up to 2400 L/H which is enough to power a medium sized water feature. The large solar pumps are quite expensive, but the prices are coming down rapidly.

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